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A nanny desired

Megan’s job as a nanny becomes more than she bargained for when she takes up a job with The Joneses. The sexually open, nurturing couple takes her under their wing and gives her an education of a lifetime. But, when a tragic accident takes them from her, she is left with no option but to take another job working for Joanne and Evan – friends of The Joneses. Only a week into her job, Megan is sent into a tailspin by the unpredictable nature of Joanne, whose motives and interest in her are both unsettling and arousing and as each day passes she begins to wonder – why is she really here? Is it because they legitimately need a nanny – or is it to fulfill some darker fantasy kept hidden from her?

First times and second chances

While spending some alone time with her friends father, Abella realizes that her attraction to him isn’t just a crush. Heat rises and it becomes clear that neither of them is strong enough to fight the chemistry between them. Aidra takes a new job in New York and needs to sublet her house. A handsome stranger comes over for a tour and gets more than he expected. Tensions escalate as they move through the house, eventually ending in the bedroom where their naked intertwined bodies perform a show that leaves little to be desired. Casey attends a friends party where she runs into her ex-boyfriend. After some words are exchanged, it becomes clear to both of them that old desires have endured the test of time. It doesnt take long for them to succumb to reawakened desires and share a passion fueled night together. After a not so satisfying hook up, Kristen and Tyler run into each other at a professors house. Although the attraction lingers, Kristen cant shake how awful her and Tylers previous make out session was. But Tyler is determined to change her mind and begs for another chance. This time around, their hookup is nothing short of spectacular.