Hollywood 201: Episode 1: Lizard? – Hollywood201

Krys Perez used to be a security guard, Kain Lanning gets sloppy on a bed, and Brice Carson thinks he has a voice from God. And the boys debate the sugar content of koolaid. Meanwhile, some real drama goes down between Jayden Ellis and Kain after a drunken night out. Brice and Krys perform a synchronized dance in the living room but the episode ends with the two of them getting into a shoving match.

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Plans jus entre potes

Quoi de plus kiffant que des plans culs improvisés ou des mecs chauds ne demande qu’à baiser sur le moment. pénétrons l’intimité de Theo et Matteo, puis go to NIMES pour filmer Esteban qui baise Jessy, puis un ptit saut aux BALERAS pour surprendre un couple qui baise sur la plage, puis Paris pour matter un show porn live entre deux pornstars, et on finira pour succomber au charme de KYLIAN une lope soumise à deux grosses queues

Classic Porn sites versus adult cam sites


Classic Porn sites versus Cam Show sites

Classic Porn sites versus Cam Show sites

In the beginning there were hand drawings, rare masterpieces of art, books, then magazines.
Porn mags, home brew private hardcore photographs…
Everything evolved.

From there we went to 8mm celluloid reels, and home xxx projections, for selected audiences – to enjoy cinema like experience at privacy of your home with partner, spouse or close friends.
Decade after we entered the VHS and BETA era, and home VCRs become more and more a must have thing. The mass production of video playing and recording devices made them affordable, so the collections of porn tapes piled up, and most important it gave totally new dimension to home porn production – amateur videos bloomed !

And we love it!

That was then. As the story continues just with new technologies appeared – the DVDs. Better, faster, laser technology dominated the same home archives sheleves once populated by vhs tapes.
Internet porn was there, but the speeds of dial up and isdn connection were simply not “wide” enough for video content, and to mention also very expensive!

And there was a boom of ultra fast broadband connections, revolutionizing all we knew about the online porn and the adult entertainment concept overall!
DVDs were slowly forgotten – online porn streams gained popularity and we could easily download the whole DVD without the need to go to rental place.